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We at MISBOI strongly believe on team spirit and work together towards success . . .
We at MISBOI strongly believe on team spirit and work together towards success . . .
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At MCS, we are dedicated to providing customized software solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we can help you succeed in your journey.

We are focused on very specific areas of interest which mater for any business.


Information recording and book keeping is the key aspect of any business which helps in business continuity, auditing and improvement planning. Software solutions like web based applications and mobile apps have been the most common tools in business helping the team capturing all required information throughout the process.

We provide web based applications with mobile apps suitable for your business needs in capturing all required information as applicable.


Transactional information and process is very crucial to a business in maintaining data integrity and authenticity. When it is a mater of financial transactions, the topic becomes very sensitive and important in maintaining the information flow completely secured, authentic and private. The information abstraction in the whole transactional process becomes critical and complete operation is expected to have zero tolerance.

We provide secured and optimal software solutions to make your business transactions flow smoothly and thereby giving your business a risk-less approach of operation.


Managing business is all about holding the process right. As long as processes are human driven, mistakes and delays are expected naturally thereby causing business losses. Software automated processes always provide assured way of managing business with guaranteed transparency, accuracy and time bound approach.​

We provide world class software based automated solutions in maintaining business processes as transparent and accurate as possible to manage itself well.


Keeping an eye on the business pulses always makes the operation responsive towards maintaining an accurate ratio on the progress. Availability of information on a real time basis or on demand is critical for the decision makers to press the right button. We provide suitable software tools and means of extracting required information from the store on a real time and on-demand basis. Automated alerts and intimations makes it more responsive for the business and it's stake holders.


When you have everything in place, the planning goes well. The reverse is also true that if you plan well, everything falls in place. Automated software solutions makes it possible in planning things well so that rest all falls in place as expected.

Our process driven solutions makes it easier for the stake holders in getting things done as expected.

Custom Solutions

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woman wearing red and black checkered blouse using flat screen computer
Web Development
Mobile App Development
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Business Process Automation

Our team of experienced developers can create custom web solutions tailored to your business needs.

We specialize in developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Leverage the power of process driven business operations guided and assisted by automated software systems.

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